Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blah blah blah

I don't even remember when I posted last, think before I moved up here to KY. Needless to say things have changed for me.

Was unemployed for a while, then I picked up a manager's position for a retail store. Now, that too is ending, but only because I've found a different job.

Better hours, better pay, benefits, more time with my baby. All of these are good things.

Just feeling weird. The dreaded two weeks notice went well enough, I suppose. Now I just feel out of place. Trying to motivate yourself to go through the motions at work, when you know you're leaving soon, is hard hard work. The knowledge that I still have people to tell weighs on me.

Have been spending way too much time playing various facebook games: Farmville, Cafe World, Country Life. Sheesh...

Did download the Torchlight demo, and it's a lot of fun. :D I'd recommend it to people that enjoyed the point and click slash/caster fest that was Diablo. Good times.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Counting down the days

Handful of days and counting. Yet each day closer just reminds me of how much left I still have to pack, throw away, destroy, or find other means of disposal.

Craigslist ftw.

Don't suppose any of you want any of my tasteful, expensive, designer (yeah right) crap? :D Didn't think so. *sighs*

Have managed to sell my Cd carousel though, so that's cool. That'll pay for part of a tank of gas for the Uhaul. Or food. Or a hotel room. If I can sell enough things maybe it'll pay for a full whatever.

Eleven days until I leave Houston.

Windows 7 RC

Really don't have much to say about it. I'm not very fond of it. Granted it is a release candidate and not a finalized OS. But still...

It might be my hardware or maybe I haven't tapped into Microsoft's brain enough to fathom why the OS behaves as it does.

The thumbpad and eraser nub pointer don't really work on my laptop. Not sure how you screw that up. But instead of a nice casual scrolling, I get 15,000 windows and applications trying to open after the cursor spazzes out.

Crappy audio support too. Not happy with the video display drivers either.

And yes I know it's a RC and not an official release version.

Want to run Ubuntu 9.04 and still be able to play WoW under Wine please!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lucy: The Protector

She's either making sure that Innocent doesn't wander off with my tools or she's decided that I need to stop taking things apart around the apartment.

Regardless, she's claimed my toolbox as hers.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ubuntu what?

I'll be the first to admit that I've always had a secret crush on linux.

After working on unix systems right out of high school, the idea that I could have something similar on my computer at home always thrilled me.

But then I actually tried playing with linux. Believe it was Corel Linux, which really didn't last that long. Then I tried one of the Red Hat distributions, don't recall what version. That didn't last long either. I kept going back to windows.

I needed access to all of my games.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I started noticing that my computer was behaving oddly. Random shut downs, that kind of thing. So I took it upon myself to back up all of my important data. (You always forget a file, don't you?)

I had made cds from various recent linux distributions, with the intention of slapping linux on a spare laptop to fiddle with. Was very glad that I had those cds when my system restore fragged my primary laptop.

IBM really should include windows cds with their laptops instead of making you have to create your own through built in recovery software.

So, once I had reduced my computer to smoldering slag, my only choices were to install linux or track down someone's windows xp professional cd and use my key. Opted to go with linux since I had the cds on hand and didn't want to lose my computer for a couple of days. (Only way I can talk to Tammy during the day. We aren't at liberty to talk on cell phones while she's at work.)

So after much debate and refomatting, installing, wiping etc. I'm now running Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop. And I like it.

Just getting it to play nice with an online game is frustrating. But I think I'm in the home stretch now. *crosses fingers*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


You know you love clicking links from someone's random blog. I know you do.

Only two today, you can let out the sigh of relief already.

Ikea Hacker: DIY hack and slash site for modifying "cheap" Ikea furniture into something more useful or better looking.

desktopgaming: video game backgrounds, look at all of the Super Mario ones! I really enjoy the multiple monitor sets. :D

Other than that, I'm in the process of removing all of the .m4p files from my laptop. Do you realize how long it takes iTunes to burn a cd? Sheesh. At least, then I can re-rip the music to the normal .mp3 format that I prefer. Since I don't even use iTunes or WinAmp anymore.

foobar2000 is my new music player of choice. I've been using it for three to four months now. It's not as minimilist as my old old version of WinAmp, but it hogs up less resources than both iTunes and WinAmp. So that makes me happy.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

What problem?

Ok, so I think I might have a problem.

I can't stop downloading various linux distributions and installing them on my crap laptop. I fiddle with one for a day or couple hours, before I wipe it with a different distribution...

I have yet to find/stumble across one that I completely love, or that recognizes all of my hardware off the bat. And to make matters worse, I don't even know all of the hardware on that laptop, so it's not like I can go look for proper device drivers or anything. Frustrating.

But some LiveCD versions play wonderfully on my IBM ThinkPad. >.> Just not quite ready to back up everything and wipe this laptop yet. That's a scary thought.

But I haven't had any real work lately, I'm too focused on the move to even be looking for work. So do I really need to keep the laptop in fully functioning order? So long as I have internet access and a web browser, I'm happy to talk with Tammy, write posts, check out other linux versions, etc...

Just want to tinker.

Currently checking out SimplyMEPSIS, Linux Mint, and Good OS.

So yeah... I may have a problem.